How to Find the Right Employee for Your Dance Studio

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Finding the right employee for your dance studio is a challenging task, more so because you have to depend on her/him for all administrative tasks while you take care of core activities. The staff you hire or train should be able to work independently, leaving you with enough time to teach as well as focus on business expansion and growth.

Given this scenario, it is recommended that you follow a few simple steps to find the ideal employee for your dance studio. However, the focus here will be staff and not dance trainers who strictly speaking are also employees of your establishment.

Determine the type of help required by you – Before you set off on the hiring process, be very sure about the type of help you require. Take some time off to write down the skill sets of the person you intend to hire. Is it only accounting and bookkeeping and posting collections and revenue? Should the person have advanced knowledge of dance studio software so that most of your processes can be automated and you can manage with one staff? Or do you need a person who can organise dance shows, competitions and performances? Only when you have answers to all or most of these queries should you get down to hiring staff.

Finding the right person for the job – Getting the right person for the job is almost as important as narrowing down the skill sets you require from the employee. The first and probably the best option for you should be to get in touch with well known and experienced labour hire companies in Australia.

There are a number of advantages here. First, these agencies have databases of job seekers who have been interviewed by industry experienced consultants at the company. Thus your burden of interviewing potential employees and short listing the most capable ones is immediately reduced. Secondly, you do not have to go through a long winding recruitment process including advertising vacancies in the print media. The vacancy is filled up through these agencies in the shortest possible time.

Another option that can be explored by you is the referral system which is also very effective and will get you the best possible talent. Teachers, alumni, and parents will only refer the best as they are in some way or the other linked to your dance studio. For bookkeeping and accountancy functions, browse the directories of local chamber of commerce. You will get experienced staff with advanced skill sets.

Impart training to your staff – Do not expect a “know-all” staff to join your dance studio in spite of your best efforts in hiring. Even for a well qualified and experienced staff, your dance studio is altogether a new experience with its own set of rules and regulations and an exclusive work ethos. You have to therefore spend some time to train the new appointee and help him/her slowly and surely pick up the ropes. Your task of course becomes easier if you have a set of written rules and policies, something that a dance school rarely has.

During the training process you have to continuously evaluate which operative areas your staff has a knack for. Is it problem solving or is it social media posting? Can he/she help you out in daily functioning apart from the teaching process and does your staff have supervisory talents too? Based on this factor you can hire more people in the future? Immediately after you feel that training is complete and he/she can work independently, do not hold back in allotment of work. Most people love to take on the challenges of responsibility and work best under pressure.

No two dance schools are alike, especially in administrative tasks and teaching methods. Each will have its own unique properties and work philosophy. Hence, even if experienced staff joins your studio from another, it is always preferable that you walk the person through the methods applicable to your school. Only then will you be able to optimise required talents for your dance school.

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