Tips to Rock your First Dance Performance

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Ask any professional dancer about their on-stage experiences and they will tell you about the anticipation, the excitement and the nervousness are always the same before a performance, regardless of whether it is their first or their hundredth. One way to partly remove this feeling is to focus solely on the work at hand, the preparation, ticking off the boxes and in short, ensuring that everything runs on well-oiled wheels and even the smallest aspects are taken care of fully.

It should be ensured that every dance show is treated completely separate from the one before and getting ready for a new show is again a brand new activity with no links to even the just preceding one. However, there is no denying that the first dance performance is always special and a once in a lifetime experience and hence extra care should be taken to make it a success.

What then are the ways that you can make sure that your first dance performance really rocks? Here are a few tips the make the preparation flow smoothly.

  • Planning and Logistics – The type of performance will determine a host of factors. Hence, this should be finalised at least 4 to 6 weeks before the show based on which you will decide on the other logistics such as your choice of music, choreography, outdoor or indoor venue and the size of the stage.
  • Music and Choreography – You can decide on either one first – decide on the type of dance and steps first and match the music to it or the opposite. Either way is right and depends on what you feel more comfortable with. But you should keep on experimenting with the dynamics of the dance and the tempo of the music until you get the right mix. A lot rests on the emotions that you want to integrate with the performance and show on stage – anger, joy, sadness, happiness or an upbeat mood. All these can be focus on through the music and your body language on stage.
  • Readying your Costume – Give a lot of thought to your costume which should complement the mood of the music, the planned choreography and dance movements. Always choose one that will give you unrestricted movement on stage.
  • Practise hard – Practise your routine to perfection. If you feel that you are not comfortable with a few steps or a hold, take them out from the routine. But in any case, your full show should be ready at least ten days before the curtains go up. For those 10 days, practise hard till you can go through it fully even in your sleep.
  • Stay fit – Look after your body, eat well but avoid processed foods, sugar, alcohol and salt. Exercise regularly to be fit and energetic for the show. There is nothing like looking gorgeous too. Few days before the show, book an appointment at a reputed beauty clinic for skin rejuvenation treatment on an IPL machine or a Microdermabrasion machine. Ensure that it is high performance equipment imported and distributed by Universal IPL.

Follow these few tips and your first dance performance will surely be an event of a lifetime.